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Project GO Persian Program

Learn about the Project GO Persian Program.

UMD's Project GO Persian Program offers Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Content levels through the SLLC Summer Language Institute in College Park, MD.

Program and Curriculum

Program Dates and Application Deadlines

Program Dates:
Persian Domestic: May 31 - July 29, 2022

Application Deadline:
Persian Domestic: February 22, 2022

Credit Hours

Persian Level      vs   Credit Hours

Elementary                    12
Intermediate                  12
Advanced                      12
Content                         12

Program Highlights

  • Complete beginners welcome

  • One full year of language in one intensive summer (12 credits)

  • Intermediate, Advanced & Content Level Persian also available in the Summer Institute

  • Cultural events and one-on-one time with language partners

  • Living / learning environment in the Persian House

  • Small class sizes, at least 20 contact hours / week, dedicated faculty & staff team

  • Building students’ cultural competence through a variety of language-focused cultural activities (In-language films and blog discussions, hands-on workshops and field trips, and cultural portfolios and projects)

  • See more about the Domestic Persian Program at UMD