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Chinese Language Minor

Learn about the Chinese language minor.

The 15-credit minor in Chinese language can be earned through an array of courses that range from intermediate speaking to modern Chinese fiction.

Program Requirements

Foreign Language Placement Test

All students new to SLLC courses must take the online Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT) before registering for classes.

Course Requirements

Language Acquisition Courses: 12 credits of language courses, 200 level or above
Linguistics Course: 3 credits of a Chinese linguistics course
Note: 9 of the 15 credits MUST be upper level credits.

The full undergraduate catalogue can be found here. Simply visit the site, open the undergraduate catalogue, and go to page 423 in the pdf document.

Declaring a Minor

To explore or declare a minor, please fill out and submit the online contact form.

Program Advisor

Guiling Hu

Senior Lecturer, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Senior Lecturer and Advisor, Chinese

(301) 405-4541