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Spanish Translation and Interpretation Services

The Translation and Interpretation Services at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese is an enterprise that combines business with academics.

Our goal is to provide graduate and advanced undergraduate students in translation with real professional and/or entrepreneurial experiences at the University of Maryland and in the Greater Washington D.C. area.

Students work on English-Spanish/Portuguese or Spanish/Portuguese-English translations or interpretations under our direct supervision, except for texts for which the client would prefer to have a professor as the translator/interpreter (for example, time- or content-sensitive documents). We will make sure that the final product is excellent in terms of both quality and turn-around time, always at competitive, reasonable rates.

All proceeds from the Translation and Interpretation Services will be reinvested in teaching, research, and scholarships for faculty and students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Our main goal is to improve the quality of the studentsʼ experience with translation and interpretation, and to provide them with further professional opportunities related to their knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese. The demand for translation and interpreting is growing. This involves multilingual job opportunities for translation professionals in numerous fields. Businesses and governments are increasingly hiring professionals with cross-cultural communication skills as well as experience in translation and interpreting.

Our clients include: University of Maryland Extension, Clarice Smith Center, Facilities Management, University Human Resources, National Park Service, Neighborhood Design Center, Power DC, School of Public Health, University Health Center, City of College Park, City of Riverdale Park, Office of the Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Maryland State Department of Education, Administration and Finance, Anne Arundel Community College, College of Education, Conference Visitor Services, Department of Economics, Center for Leadership & Organizational Change, among other who have trusted our service.

The point person for all translation and interpretation projects is Dr. Manel Lacorte, associate professor of Hispanic Applied Linguistics. Dr. Lacorte will establish the initial contact with potential customers, provide them with rates and/or estimates, and assign the translation or interpretation job to the most appropriate individual within the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. The Department Head will be in charge of overseeing all proceeds from these services. Both Dr. Lacorte and the Department Head will sign project agreements and invoices.

Requesting a Translation

To request an estimate, email Manel Lacorte at or call (301) 405 8233.

Short notice translation and interpreting services can also be requested by contacting Manel Lacorte at or 301/405 8233.

For more complex projects, the client will send Manel Lacorte a description of the job and some sample files. Dr. Lacorte will then assess the materials and contact the client in order to discuss the project, and learn more about the target audience and goals.

All translations will include the following statements:

“I, (translator / interpreter) do hereby swear to the following: to have translated the above document from the original Spanish text into English which I believe to be a true, accurate, and complete rendering of the original text done as a qualified translator conversant in both languages.” This will be followed by the translator / interpreter’s signature.

 “I, (translator / interpreter) have compared the translation to the original. I certify that the translation is a complete and accurate version of the original.” This will be followed by the supervisor’s signature and completed with the seal of the department.

Our rates have been established after a comparative analysis of rates provided by private companies, professional websites, and other university translation/interpretation centers. Our rates are lower because of our interest in both serving the needs of our university community, and providing our students with authentic experience with translation and interpretation.

Translation rates

Spanish, Portuguese: $0.15 - $0.20 per word

  • Minimum fee: $50

There will be 20% surcharge for handwritten, technical, legal, literary, medical, multilingual, and rushed service.

Interpreting rates

Spanish, Portuguese: $50/hour (two hour minimum; 24 hour cancellation)

Travel mileage: Current State of Maryland rates

Travel time: $20/hour