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Russian Studies Minor

Learn about the Russian studies minor.

Students completing the minor will be able to converse at an intermediate level about personal interests and everyday issues; will be able to comprehend basic, authentic written materials in Russian; and will be able to demonstrate developing knowledge of the institutions, values and cultural traditions and practices of Russia.

The minor consists of a minimum of five courses (15 credits) with a minimum of 2 courses (6 credits) earned from courses taught in Russian. Furthermore, a minimum of 3 courses (9 credits) must be taken at the 300 or 400 level.

All courses counting toward the minor must be passed with a "C" or better.


Courses Taught in English

  • RUSS221: Masterworks of Russian Literature I
  • RUSS222: Masterworks of Russian Literature II
  • RUSS281: Russian Language & Pre-Revolutionary Culture
  • RUSS282: Contemporary Russian Culture
  • RUSS298: Special Topics in Russian Language & Literature
  • RUSS298K: Soviet Film: Propaganda, Myth, Modernism
  • RUSS298M: Russian Cinema at the End of the Millennium
  • RUSS327: Old Russian Literature in Translation
  • RUSS328: 19th Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • RUSS329: Soviet Literature in Translation

Courses Taught in Russian

  • RUSS201: Intermediate Russian I
  • RUSS202: Intermediate Russian II
  • RUSS210: Structural Development of Russian
  • RUSS211: Applied Russian Phonetics
  • RUSS301: Advanced Russian I
  • RUSS302: Advanced Russian II
  • RUSS303: Russian Conversation: Functional Skills
  • RUSS307: Commercial Russian I
  • RUSS321: Survey of Russian Literature I
  • RUSS322: Survey of Russian Literature II
  • RUSS381: Russian Civilization I
  • RUSS382: Russian Civilization II
  • RUSS398: Selected Topics in Russian Language & Literature
  • RUSS401: Advanced Russian Composition
  • RUSS402: Practicum in Written Russian
  • RUSS403: Russian Conversation: Advanced Skills
  • RUSS404: Practicum in Spoken Russian
  • RUSS405: Russian-English Translation I
  • RUSS406: Russian-English Translation II
  • RUSS407: Commercial Russian II
  • RUSS409: Selected Topics in Russian Language Study
  • RUSS410: Applied Russian Linguistics
  • RUSS411: Linguistic Analysis of Russian I
  • RUSS412: Linguistic Analysis of Russian II
  • RUSS431: Russian Literature of the 19th Century I
  • RUSS432: Russian Literature of the 19th Century II
  • RUSS433: Russian Literature of the 20th Century
  • RUSS434: Soviet Russian Literature
  • RUSS439: Selected Topics in Russian Literature
  • RUSS473: Recent History of the Russian Language

Additional Course Information

  • Transfer credits (from study abroad or another U.S. institution) may count toward the minor with approval of the department. In most cases, a maximum of six transfer credits will be approved.
  • Slavic courses may be used to satisfy elective course requirements.
  • Students who are interested in enrolling in a Russian course that appears closed or waitlisted should contact either the faculty member or an undergraduate advisor for Russian for permission to enroll.
  • Native or heritage speakers wishing to enroll in Russian courses or seeking to minor in Russian should first consult with an undergraduate advisor.

Russian Program Director and Advisor

Cynthia Martin

Associate Professor, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Associate Professor and Department Head, Russian

(301) 405-4244