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            “El animal político moderno es primero un animal literario.”

            Jacques Rancière, El desacuerdo


The signature of our department is its ability to put into play the singularity of literary and linguistic experiences in relation to politics and philosophy. By rethinking conventional historical, cultural and language boundaries across disciplines, our undergraduate and graduate programs critically engage different archives across the Americas, the Latina/o United States, the Luso-Brazilian world, and Spain in its Iberian and Transatlantic contexts. Our intellectual agenda involves diverse forms of community and civic engagement. With a hemispheric and international perspective, our program fosters both critical and creative work. Our graduates are prepared for diverse career tracks in education, business, government, law, medicine, the arts, and social work.


The Faculty of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese is committed to excellence in teaching and mentoring, along with the production of new knowledge that is the hallmark of a strong department. We are known for our PhD and MA Programs in Literature and Culture, as well as our MA Track in Hispanic Applied Linguistics. Renowned intellectuals and professors from Latin America, Spain, and the American Academy have trained many generations of our students. Literary figures such as Juan Ramón Jiménez taught at UMD between 1943 and 1951, and after being nominated by the Department and Professor Graciela Palau de Nemes (1943-1998), he received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1956, the first Nobel Laureate to teach at the University of Maryland. His legacy, as well as that of cultural critic Ángel Rama (1982-1983), award-winning poet José Emilio Pacheco (1984-2006), and distinguished writer Jorge Aguilar Mora, among others, continues to shape our thought, vision, and mission.


We invite you to explore our site for information on undergraduate and graduate programs in the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world, as well as opportunities for learning beyond the classroom.


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Faculty member, Juan Uriagereka is serving as the director of the (SLLC), effective July 19, 2021.
Professor Carmen Benito-Vessels speaks with Spanish National Radio
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