SLAers in the Spotlight: Fall 2020 Successful Defenses

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While so many of our SLAers are getting ready to defend their Qualifying Papers (QPs) and PhD theses this semester, it's time to remind ourselves of all the defenses from Fall 2020. Kudos to those of you who in the midst of the pandemic managed to finalize and defend their projects:


  • Hillman, Kyoko (10/07/2020). Effects of different types of auditory input on incidental vocabulary learning by L2 Japanese learners. Dissertation chair Dr. Steven Ross.
  • Toda Cosi, Mireia (12/10/2020). A meta-analysis of linguistic and cognitive aptitudes in language learning. Supervised by Dr. Steven Ross.
  • Struck, Jason (11/19/2020). Individual differences in context: Migrant second language competency achievement. Supervised by Dr. Steven Ross.
  • Pulupa, Catherine (11/19/2020). The construct of second language pragmatic competence: Implicatures in second language Spanish. Supervised by Dr. Steven Ross.
  • Hersh, Meghan (10/21/2020). Acquisition of L2-only vs. L1-L2 grammatical features using an explicit-inductive task. Supervised by Dr. Kira Gor.
  • Kang, Eunsoo (12/17/2020). A study of the orthographic and phonological length effects in L2 learners. Supervised by Dr. Nan Jiang.
Keep up the good work!