Mauro Resmini Presents at The Italian Cultural Society

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Our new Assistant Professor for Italian and Film, Mauro Resmini, presented a lecture on “Nanni Moretti and the Crisis of the Italian Left” at The Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C.  The lecture was followed by a lively question and answer period with a very engaged audience.

Presentation Summary:

“Ever a keen observer of Italian politics, Nanni Moretti has often been able to capture the paradoxes and impasses of the way we imagine leftist militancy and collective agency in our time. In Palombella rossa(1989) and La cosa(1990), Moretti focuses on the repercussions of the fall of the Berlin Wall on the Italian political scenario, with the crisis and final dissolution of the Italian Communist Party. When read as a diptych, the two films reveal the attempt to map the subjective position of ‘being a Communist’ in 1989. In the absence of any historical guarantee, Moretti explores the possibility of occupying such a position, tentatively locating it in a precarious balance between fiction and documentary.”

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