Dr. Ryan Long publishes Roberto Bolaño book.

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Dr. Ryan Long’s newest book, Queer Exposures; Sexuality and Photography in Roberto Bolaño’s Fiction and Poetry will be out this April from Pittsburgh Press. 


The book is already receiving critical acclaim from readers. Of the book, Chris Andrews says, "Rereading Bolaño’s work through the lenses of photography and queerness, Ryan Long brings a new constellation into striking focus. Little-studied texts and characters emerge from the shadows cast by the central quest narratives to expose new patterns of meaning, and renew our understanding of the work’s emancipatory force. Long’s close reading is patient in its attention to detail, restless in its resistance to interpretive closure, bold in its conceptual reach: a precious combination."


Kate Jenckes, from the University of Michigan writes, “Long has produced the most original and compelling book-length study to date of Roberto Bolaño’s endlessly fascinating work. Invoking the notion of queer exposure, understood as a laying bare, without revelation or capture, of the heteronormative fictions that underlie social and political control, he unlocks unexpected dimensions of Bolaño’s writing, including the uncanniness of enclosed spaces from nation-states to photographs, the vulnerability of life and historical experience in late capitalism, and the temporal and spatial instability of images and texts.”


Congratulations to Dr. Long on this labor of love!


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