Dr. Phoenix Liu Scholarship Recipients Announced

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liu scholarship recipients 2019

Established by over 30 Language House alumni in 2019 to recognize outstanding students participating in the Language House immersion program, the Dr. Phoenix Liu Language House Scholarship is particularly intended for those who need assistance with expenses associated with Language House room and board.  Some of the major requirements to be considered eligible to receive the scholarship are as follows: be a current, admitted, or prospective Language House resident, be a declared language major or minor and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

In this, the inaugural year of the scholarship, the funds were evenly divided and awarded to three outstanding current Language House residents. Here is some interesting information on each of this year’s recipients:

Julia Stratford (Senior--Information Systems and French) began her Language House journey in the fall of 2018 in the French Cluster. Since joining the Language House she has become Co-Chair of SAAB (Student Awesome Advisory Board) in which she has helped develop the weekly SAAB Newsletter, a vital resource for all Language House residents. Always searching for ways to innovate, Julia added the now popular ‘Student Spotlight’ which focuses each week on a new Language House member and her/his activities in and out of the program. As well, Julia has been a crucial part of organizing SAAB social events for her fellow residents, such as the Open Mic Night and Friendsgiving that offer an opportunity for Language House residents from distinct language clusters to interact and share many enjoyable moments together. After graduation, Julia hopes to follow her passion for fashion and find a job at a top French fashion conglomerate while still taking time to travel to as many Francophone countries as she can.

Sofia Alvarado (Senior--Spanish and Studio Art) is currently in her first semester in the Language House and is the Spanish Cluster Mentor, which is the largest cluster in the Language House. Although she already has made her mark as an extremely creative Mentor who oversees such a populous and dynamic group, Sofia consistently strives to further innovate by organizing cross-cluster activities in which members from different language clusters come together and engage in a wide variety of culturally rich, educational games and events. Following graduation Sofia aspires to become a professor of 20th-century Latin American literature as well as continue her work in community outreach and advancement.

Deborah Brown (Sophomore--Supply Chain Management and Operations Management and Business Analytics) is in her first semester in the Language House and is the Apartment Leader for the Hebrew Cluster. She has demonstrated a deep devotion and passion for the Hebrew language and Israeli culture. Having spent time studying abroad in Israel, Deborah now uses that valuable knowledge and experience to enhance the living-learning environment of all of her fellow cluster members. In addition, she is an active member in the Gardening Club and greatly enjoys every opportunity she has to meet members from other language clusters and make new friends. Upon graduation Deborah hopes to work in Supply Chain Management, Operations Management or Logistics. Her goal is to pursue any one of these career paths in Israel, where she is sure to achieve only the highest levels of professional success and personal satisfaction.