Dr. Orlando publishes edited volume on teaching Haiti

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Working together with her colleague, Prof. Cécile Accilien of Kennesaw State University, Dr. Valérie Orlando’s has announced the publication of her edited volume on strategies for teaching about Haiti, due out in August of this year.

Published with the University Press of Florida, the website writes, “This volume is the first to focus on teaching about Haiti’s complex history and culture from a multidisciplinary perspective. Making broad connections between Haiti and the rest of the Caribbean, contributors provide pedagogical guidance on how to approach the country from different lenses in course curricula. They offer practical suggestions, theories on a wide variety of texts, examples of syllabi, and classroom experiences.


Teaching Haiti dispels stereotypes associating Haiti with disaster, poverty, and negative ideas of Vodou, going beyond the simplistic neocolonial, imperialist, and racist descriptions often found in literary and historical accounts. Instructors in diverse subject areas discuss ways of reshaping old narratives through women’s and gender studies, poetry, theater, art, religion, language, politics, history, and popular culture, and they advocate for including Haiti in American and Latin American studies courses.”

For more information and to order a copy, please visit the following website: https://upf.com/book.asp?id=9781683402107