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Chinese Program Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients

May 07, 2020 School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures | Chinese

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The Chinese Program congratulates the six 2020 Austin Rickett Memorial and Tsung Chin Chinese Calligraphy Scholarship recipients.

The Chinese Program announces 2020 recipients of the Adele Austin Rickett Memorial Scholarship and the Tsung Chin Chinese Calligraphy Scholarship.


Background of the Austin Rickett Memorial Scholarship:

Adele and Allyn Rickett were Fulbright scholars and teachers in China from 1948 onward. After the Communist revolution of 1949, they were convicted of spying for the United States government and sent to prison for four years of re-education. After their return to the United States, they described their experiences in a remarkable book, Prisoners of Liberation, and they remained admirers of China all their lives. They became academics and in the 1970s settled at the University of Maryland, where they taught for many years. On Adele's death, Allyn established the Adele Austin Rickett Memorial Scholarship, to encourage young Chinese majors in our program.

2020 Recipients of the Austin Rickett Memorial Scholarship ($500 each):

Lloyd B. Martin

Ryan Ridgell

Thomas Riela

Josephine Urrea


Background of the Tsung Chin Chinese Calligraphy Scholarship:

Prof. Tsung Chin (晉聰) came to the University in the early 1970s and was a fixture of the Chinese Program until his death in 2006. He was long known for popular courses in Chinese calligraphy, which are still being offered in our program. The scholarship in his name was established in the 1990s, for students who have taken the Chinese Program's coursework in Chinese calligraphy and who are interested in Chinese calligraphy.

2020 Recipients of the Tsung Chin Chinese Calligraphy Scholarship ($500 each):

Aspen Cadmus 

Monae Kerney


Congratulations to all the above recipients!