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Andrea Frisch is Senior Fellow at the Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study in 2021-22

September 12, 2021 School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures | French

andrea frisch inset image with maryland background

Frisch (FRIT) is one of eighteen international scholars awarded research fellowships at the Hamburg Institute for Advanced Study for 2021-22

Frisch’s HIAS project examines the relationship between news and historiography about the French Wars of Religion in the 16th - and 17th -centuries. The age of the Reformation and the American Encounter marks a critical moment in which ‘history’ and ‘memory’ were beginning to be seen as fundamentally divergent types of discourse, not just in France, but across Western Europe. "The Rise of Unmemorable History" traces the conditions under which ‘news’ was assimilated to or excluded from ‘history’, with particular attention to early modern conceptions of the ‘memorable’ and the ‘true’. More information is available at the HIAS Hamburg site