2020-2021 SLA MA and PhD Graduates

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Congratulations to the Second Language Acquisition graduates from the 2020-21 class! We are very proud of our fearless MA and PhD graduates who have succeeded in obtaining their degrees in SLA from the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. We are sure that you will continue making meaningful contributions to the field of Applied Linguistics in the days and years to come!
Victoria Richwine is graduating with her Master's in SLA. This summer she is moving to Seattle, where she hopes to find a job teaching Spanish or English in a K-12 classroom setting.
John Kruse is graduating with a Master's degree in SLA. John plans on remaining active in the Second Language Program as a Golden ID independent scholar. He hopes to continue research on maturational constraints and the processing of proverbs into the mental lexicon. Aspirationally, there is a possible QP on the masked priming effects of taboo words in his future!
Joyce Du has graduated in 2020 with an MA in SLA. Currently, she is working as a recruiter at FlyHigh Group, Inc. in San Jose, CA.
Kyoko Kobayashi Hillman has graduated with her PhD in Second Language Acquisition. She will continue to teach while pursuing TBLT and mixed methods research at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
Congratulations and good luck to all your great future endeavors!