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Do you want to learn Vietnamese, Quechua, Urdu, and other less commonly taught languages and cultures at UMD?

They are all offered as part of the Big Ten Academic Alliance's CourseShare program, which allows you to participate virtually in courses that are not offered here at UMD. The format is either online (with no interaction with a live class) or via video conference (participating in a live class from a UMD classroom).

The Big Ten Academic Alliance is an academic consortium of 14 top-tier research universities that are also members of the Big Ten Conference. Through this academic alliance over 75 Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) courses have been offered by means of CourseShare. This is a sample of languages taught from 2015-16.

How does CourseShare work?

CourseShare is the Big Ten Academic Alliance initiative that allows you to take courses that may or may not be offered at your university, thus broadening course offerings.

Most courses are taught either online, in person or via videoconference. In the videoconference modality you will physically go to a classroom at UMD with your classmates and join via videoconference to the physical class taking place at another Big Ten institution.

When is each language offered?

UMD strives to offer Vietnamese, Quechua, and Urdu each semester if possible.

The course offerings change each semester. They depend on scheduling, student interest, and qualified instructors. Check what languages are being offered for the current term during the enrollment period on Testudo. In many cases, the beginner level is offered in the Fall and the following level is offered in the Spring.

How do I find the courses on Testudo?

Courses are usually under the SLLC (School of Languages Literatures and Cultures) code.

Do I need permission?

Normally you can enroll on your own, but check instructions for a particular course on Testudo.

What language courses have been offered in the past through CourseShare?



Middle Egyptian & Hieroglyphics

Tibetan (modern)


Greek (modern)




Haitian Creole














Yucatec Maya





Ecuadorian Kichwa





What culture courses have been offered in the past through CourseShare?

Catalan Literature

Korean Language in Culture & Society

Muslim Ethics in the Global Age

The Koreas: Korean War to the 21st Century

Women in the Qur’an

Film Culture in Korea

History of Iran in the Islamic Period

Language and Society of Two Koreas

Islam in/and America

Korean History, 1945-present

Seminar on Rumi, Sufi Poet

Controversies in Contemporary Korea

Global Korean Diasporas

Cold War Cultures in Korea


I would like to take a language that is not offered. Can I ask for it?

The courses offered depend on scheduling, available instructors, and student demand, so if you are interested in a language not currently taught through CourseShare, please complete the survey.

Or contact one of the coordinators (see the section below)

Whom do I contact if I have more questions or want to know more about a specific course?

Please contact the following CourseShare coordinators:

Dr. Lindsay Yotsukura
Associate Director for Academic Affairs
School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Dr. Ralph Bauer
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Arts and Humanities
(301) 405-5646