Medical Humanities Roundtable

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On October 10 from 12-2PM in the Maryland Room in Marie Mount Hall, the Department of Women's Studies presented "New Directions in the Medical Humanities," an interdisciplinary roundtable discussion which grew out of the College of Arts and Humanities' new research and curricular initiatives in the medical humanities. Four faculty discussed the emergence and growth of the field from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Central questions included:

  • How are the humanities enriched when we draw on skills forged in the hard sciences to reorganize knowledge and place it in the service of both local and global problem solving?
  • By de-centering the foundational ideas of Western medicine, how can we interpret and make use of the ways other medical traditions, including indigenous and folk practices, overlap, inform one another, and become hybridized?

The featured panelists were Andrew Schonebaum, SLLC; Chantel Rodriguez, History; GerShun Avilez, English; and Jessica Lee Mathiason, Women’s Studies. The discussion was moderated by Mehl Penrose, SLLC.