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The School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures seeks to investigate and engage with the linguistic, cultural, cinematic, and literary worlds of speakers of Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish, as well as questions surrounding language learning itself.  Its units are organized into 7 Departments (Arabic; East Asian Languages and Cultures; French and Italian; Germanic Studies; Persian; Russian; Spanish and Portuguese), 3 programs (Cinema and Media Studies; Hebrew; and Second Language Acquisition), 2 centers (the Center for East Asian Studies; the Roshan Institute for Persian Studies); and the Language House, UMD’s oldest Living-Learning Program.

Approximately 1,000 BA/minor/graduate students and 100 faculty, TAs, and staff are engaged in this broad range of inquiry, individuals who themselves represent languages and cultures from across the globe. New books, new programs, new courses, new pedagogical delivery methods, new education abroad programs, new outreach initiatives, publications, talks, film screenings, colloquia, international collaborations -- we are, in this diverse ensemble of activity, united in our commitment to preparing students, undergraduate and graduate alike, to become knowledgeable, active, critically flexible, and intellectually vibrant citizens, and to furthering knowledge and debate about the languages, literatures, and cultures of which it is made.

Forging strong intra-School, College, University-wide, and global connections has been our strategy of choice in engaging the increasingly interconnected world.

The links below will lead you to infomation on our degree programs, immersion programs, and areas of research and collaboration.