Language House Alumni talk Careers

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Preparing to find a job after graduation can be stressful and challenging for students. Sometimes career paths are difficult to maneuver or you don’t even know where to start. On Tuesday, March 23, students from the Language House met with Language House alumni to discuss how their language skills could translate into a career. In this event, organized by the Language House Immersion Program in collaboration with the University Career Center, four Language House alumni shared their expertise and experiences in using language in their current careers. Students were able to glean important information regarding career choices and possibilities from alumni.

Dr. Melanie Zimmerman shared her experience as Consul General in the US Consulate in Quebec. Dr. Dan Krieger discussed his position as Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at NASA. Catherine Baker spoke on being a Fellow with the US House of Representatives. And Moussa Traoré talked about his role as a Business Enabling Environment Advisor with USAID.

Rounding out the session, Kate Juhl, the Program Director of the University Career Center of ARHU, gave a brief presentation of on-campus career resources available to students.


The video can be seen via the following link: