German Student Awards 2021

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Anjali Gajendiran is the recipient of The Anneliese and Alfred Strauch Scholarship for Language Study. She is currently studying Bioengineering and Germanic Studies at UMD and plans to study abroad in Berlin in Spring 2022. In her free time, Anjali enjoys being outside and playing board games with her friends. In the future, she hopes to pursue higher education in Germany and use her work to help her community.
Caroline Pugh received the Donald Hirsch Scholarship and The German Society of Maryland Merit Award. She is a rising senior pursuing a double degree in Biological Sciences and Germanic Studies, as well as a minor in Humanities, Health, and Medicine. She is on the pre-medical track and plans to attend medical school in either the United States or Germany following graduation and a (hopeful) Fulbright in Germany. Caroline fell in love with the German language and culture during her experience living in Northern Germany as a CBYX exchange student in 2017-2018.  This summer, Caroline will be conducting clinical research in Mannheim, Germany, and she plans to study abroad next spring in Berlin. She is very excited to see her host family again, as well as to enjoy some of her favorite German specialties: Käsespätzle, Currywurst, Döner, and Fisch- and Krabbenbrötchen! 
Leanna Rousset received both the The Anneliese and Alfred Strauch Scholarship for Language Study and The German Society of Maryland Merit Award. Lea is majoring in Germanic Studies and Civil Engineering and plans to study abroad in Munich at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Spring 2022, where she hopes to gain deeper knowledge and appreciation of the civil engineering field through her internship. After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, she plans to return to Germany to obtain a Master’s Degree in Hydrology and continue to work in a German engineering firm. She hopes the experiences she gains throughout her education at UMD and in Munich will help her reach her goal of becoming a hydraulic engineer. Lea is an avid hiker and loves spending time with her family.