Filming Spain's Exile in our Hearts

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Events in this series are sponsorred by SPAP, SLLC, ARHU, UMD Grad School, Mexican Cultural Institute, Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, Unión Europea y Cooperación, Spain Arts & Culture, Cultural Services French Embassy in the US, AEMIC


During its beginnings, cinema from Spain was related to expatriation: and particularly, as the adopted Parisian Surrealist Luis Buñuel had to find refuge in Hollywood, Mexico, and back in France during the Spanish Republican Exile of 1939.

This film series aims to present to spectators in the USA, transnational samples less known from or about those times. From hardly seen documentaries about the harsh realities of the Spanish Republicans’ defeat in France: 1939 Jean-Paul Dreyfus’s Refuge, or Le Vernet d’Ariège: Photos from a Camp, to their blurred contributions in the liberation of occupied France (The Forgotten Men of the Ninth Company), as well as the transformation of their resistance to the Franco’s dictatorship (The War is Over).

Mexican solidarity toward a large group of refugees will be remembered through Visa to Paradise, and particularly, On the Empty Balcony, the only film the Spanish exiles filmed about their own plight. The Galíndez’s Mystery will bring USA Cold War and Latin American dictatorial entanglements. Finally, Beltenebros, Soldiers from Salamis and The Sea and Time will display filmic adaptation of true fictional accounts, hovering the problems of memory, return, and the uses of history. The whole series will feature discussions with filmmakers and specialists.

Film Series coordinated by Prof. José M Naharro-Calderón

Sept 10 - 2pm | University of Maryland, St Mary’s Hall-The Language House
La 9, los olvidados de la victoria. / La 9, The Forgotten Men of the Ninth Company (2010) A. Marquardt
Introduction Prof. Fatemeh Keshavarz-Karamustafa, Director SLLC, and Dr. Eyda Merediz, Head SPAP

Sept 17 - 7pm | La Maison Française Embassy of France
La guerre est finie/The war is over (1966) Alain Resnais
Presented by Prof. Emeritus Pierre Verdaguer (U of Maryland) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

Sept 24 - 6:45pm | Cultural Office Embassy of Spain
El misterio Galíndez/The Galíndez’s Mystery (2003) Gerardo Herrerro
Presented by Prof. Juan Uriagereka (U of Maryland) and Naharro-Calderón

Oct 9 - 7pm | Cultural Mexican Institute
En el balcón vacío/On the Empty Balcony (1962) José Miguel (Jomí) García Ascot
Presented by Dr. Kathryn Taylor (Towson State University) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

Oct 23 - 7:00pm | Cultural Office Embassy of Spain
Refuge/Un peuple attend (1939) Jean-Paul Dreyfus/Jean-Paul Le Chanois
Presented by Ena Ensemble

Oct 29 - 6:45 | Cultural Office Embassy of Spain
Beltenebros (1991) Pilar Miró
Presented by Nélida Devesa-Gómez (U of Maryland) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

Nov 7 - 6:45 | Cultural Office Embassy of Spain
Soldados de Salamina/Soldiers of Salamis (2003) David Trueba
Presented by Prof. Juan Uriagereka and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

Nov 13 - 7:00pm | Cultural Mexican Institute
Visa al paraíso/Visa to Paradise (2010) Lillian Liberman
Presented by Lillian Lieberman (video conference) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

Nov 21 - 2:00pm | University of Maryland, UPDATE: ROOM 1224 JMZ
Le Vernet d’Ariège: Photographies d’un camp/Le Vernet d’Ariège: Photos from a Camp (1996)
Presented by Prof. Joseph Brami (U of Maryland) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón

December 4 - 7:00pm | Embassy of Argentina
El mar y el tiempo/The Sea and Time (1989) Fernando Fernán Gómez
Presented by Daniela Bulansky, Prof. Laura Demaría (U of Maryland) and Prof. Naharro-Calderón