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Mission Statement

The Center for Innovation inTeaching and Learning (CITL) will support best practices in language  pedagogy as well as the use and integration of technology into instruction and research in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
In order to fulfill this mission, the CITL will:
Provide leadership, support and guidance in the development of high quality traditional, online, and hybrid learning experiences 
Encourage and facilitate the use of innovative technology in the teaching of language, literature, and culture 
Provide expertise in media design, production and delivery
Manage the hardware/software resources that facilitate teaching and research
Collaborate with the Teaching and Learning Transformation Center and the College on programs, services and resources beneficial to the needs of instructional staff
Actively promote and support all SLLC events and programmings
Enhance the department’s  revenue streams through the development of online summer,  and winter distance courses
Support the research and development of technology-based instructional materials
Create and maintain facilities in Jiménez Hall
Reward and encourage innovative teaching and research 
Assist faculty in developing 21st Century Skills in themselves and their students 
Provide flexible, technology-rich physical and virtual spaces that support the activities mentioned above
These goals are will be accomplished through the following tasks:
Working with faculty and administrators to develop online/hybrid and distance courses
Keeping abreast of and advance advancing innovations in teaching and learning
Developing and providing training based on the specific needs of the community
• Providing professional development opportunities for faculty, TAs, and staff
• Collaborating with faculty to seek grants which encourage the use of innovative technologies