Sayed A Elsisi
Assistant Professor

Sayed Elsisi came to UMD from Harvard University (2007-2010), where he taught advanced courses: “Arabic Cultural, literary and Political Readings.” He taught before at The American University in Cairo (2000-2007), in the CASA Program, Modern and Classical Arabic Literature courses, in addition to Advanced courses of Arabic MSA and Egyptian Colloquial in Arab Cinema. Dr. Elsisi earned his PhD with the first honor degree for his dissertation “The Arabic Prose Poem: Study in the Poetics of the Genre” at Cairo University, where he also received his BA (1993) and MA (awarded as the best dissertation in Arabic Literature, 2000). He worked as a researcher and an editorial assistant for “Alif"(Journal of Comparative Poetics) 2000-2007. His publications (in Arabic) include: "Alluring Text and Playful Reading" (2005), "Egypt: Culture and Society", a textbook for the CASA program (2006), and a number of articles on the Arabic novel and poetry: "Sufi Vision to the Poetic Language in Salah Abdul Sabour's Poetry"(2003), "Absence as Strategy in Sa'di Yussuf's Poetry: An Intertextuality Approach" (2001),"The Realism in Conjuncture of al-Ard novel"(1994). Dr. Elsisi is currently working on a project to study The Omitted Genres throughout the history of Arabic criticism – questioning the "Poetics" in classical and modern Arabic literary criticism.

Jimenez Hall
+1 301 405 0197