Marjan Moosavi
Persian Lecturer

Marjan Moosavi holds a Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Toronto’s Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance Studies where she trained in the theory and craft of theatre-making, dramaturgy, and diasporic performances. She has served as a faculty member and designed curricula for the University of Toronto, York University (Canada), Portland State University (U.S.A), and Parand Azad University (Iran). Marjan is the author of several scholarly articles, book chapters, and interviews published in Theatre Topics, The Drama Review (TDR), New Theatre Quarterly, Asian Theatre Journal, Ecumenica) and online journals (Critical Stages, and Arab Stages). She is the Principal Investigator and Curator for the First Photo Exhibition on the Middle Eastern Theatre, founder and the Principal Investigator of the First Digital Guide to Theater of the Middle East, and the Regional Managing Editor of the Iran section for Recent collaborations include those with Gatherings (University of Toronto), IPCCR (International Program for Creative Collaboration & Research, University of Maryland), and Persian Digital Humanities (University of Maryland).

Jimenez Hall
(301) 405-2181