Makiko Inoue / 井上牧子
Senior Lecturer and Program Director

Makiko Inoue received her Master's Degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Japanese pedagogy from the Ohio State University. Previous to her appointment at UMD, she taught at Bucknell University and the Ohio State University. Inoue’s teaching interests include manga as a medium for learning Japanese culture, history, and language and Japanese business practices and expressions. She is currently developing tools to develop students' oral proficiency outside of classroom using Wiki sites and You Tube. During Inoue’s ten years of teaching experience, she has enjoyed empowering students to engage in a meaningful way in Japanese society through all levels of language teaching and innovative content courses.

Office Hours: 
Monday: 15:15-16:00
Wednesday: 15:15-16:00
Friday: 15:15-16:00
Jimenez Hall
+1 301 405 0495