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Academic Program

Academic Program

Students admitted to the program are academically sound and genuinely interested in polishing their language skills. LH members must commit themselves to uphold the spirit of the immersion concept. They are the foundation of this program and its success depends upon their ability and willingness to interact and function in language groups, to initiate and attend LH activities, and to participate fully in the community experience.

Students living in the LH are housed in apartment units with other students interested in learning the same language. The LH students are a part of a large campus community, and they have an array of programs including weekly cluster meetings, Coffee Conversations, Faculty and Guest Lecture Series and LH Club meetings, which make St. Mary's Hall an easy place to meet other students and faculty.

Language House immersion Program grants a "Citation" and a "Notation on transcript" to students who successfully enrolled four semesters in the program, fulfilled all the program requirements, and published a research project either at UMD Undergraduate Research Forum or at School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SLLC) Research Forum.

Program Requirements

  • Target Language courses (3-6 credits) per semester.
  • Weekly cluster meetings: Led in the target language by a native graduate or undergraduate Mentor, these meetings consist of informal oral presentations or cluster-specific projects by residents, faculty or invited guests. More than two absences in one semester will affect a student's chance of re-admission.
  • Annual House activities: Students are involved in events such as the House Assembly, Around the World Film Festival, LH Showcase, and Maryland Day projects. Participation in all the House events is required and counts toward cluster meeting attendance.
  • Research project: to obtain a Language House Citation, LH students in their third or fourth semester of LH residency will be required to complete a “culminating and synthesizing research project”. This will entail the following steps:
    • Prior to registering in the 3rd or 4th semester, LH students meet with the faculty teaching the language/culture course they plan to register for to discuss the LH requirement, which entails the completion of a “culminating and synthesizing research project” in their 3rd or 4th semester as LH residents.
    • The research project must be carried out in addition to the regular course requirements. The topic of the project should carry a theme of either target language or target culture with the depth of a semester research paper.
    • LH students must present their research projects at the annual SLLC UG Research Forum, which is a poster session, held in April of each spring semester.
    • LH research projects will be evaluated by an SLLC faculty committee to be constituted by the Associate Director for Academic Affairs.
    • Only after successful completion and presentation of the research project will students be eligible for the LH Transcript Notation.

The date of this year's SLLC Research Forum is on Tuesday, April 30, 2019: 10- 4 p.m. in Stamp Student Union. More details, including videos of previous presentations and the student submission form, can be found at: