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Arabic Flagship Student Resources

Learn about our current students or explore resources for Arabic language learners.

Resources for Current Students

Current Student Handbook

News Sources

Dictionaries and Study Tools

  • Aratools : Arabic- English  dictionary that lets you search by root or word, including diacritics. Also available as an iOS app. English-Arabic dictionary in beta.
  • Hans WehrOnline, searchable Hans Wehr dictionary.
  • STUDY BLUECustomizable flashcard decks that allow you to sort by least reviewed, newest, or hardest words and phrases.
  • QuizletOnline customizable flashcard decks that allow you to search for others' flashcards and vocabulary.
  • MemriseA flashcard site featuring existing decks in dialect (including Moroccan Darija), MSA, media vocab, and more.
  • DLI Online AssessmentThis online reading and listening exam will provide individual feedback on areas and skills you can improve in.
  • DARIJA DICTIONARYThis app for Android phones provides an extensive list of Moroccan vocabulary as well as lessons on learning Darija.
  • The Living Arabic ProjectThe Living Arabic Project is the first online, multi-dialect Arabic dictionary. It contains one of the largest Egyptian Arabic dictionaries ever written and is working a Levantine and MSA / CA dictionary. The database is always growing, and over the past four years has added about 30,000 words across the Egyptian, Levantine, and MSA dictionaries.

Online Learning

Music and Radio

  • BBC XtraA daily, downloadable podcast that discusses a range of topics from sports, literature, science, and more.
  • BBC RadioWorld news and talk radio from BBC in Arabic.
  • MC DoualiyaA radio station based out of Doha, Qatar.
  • No BordersAn Aljazeera podcast focusing on contemporary events in the Arab world.
  • MAZYAN BIZAF SHOWA podcast created by an Arabic Flagship student and his Moroccan professor during his Capstone year in Meknes, Morocco which discusses Moroccan Darija and its linguistic roots. Episodes in English, MSA, and Moroccan dialect.
  • Radio FannA radio station based out of Amman, Jordan.
  • Radio MarocA variety of Moroccan radio stations including top hits and daily news.
  • Morocco RadiosAn app for streaming Moroccan radio stations. It is available for iPad, iPod, and iPhone.
  • Maghrib in Past and PresentA podcast featuring lectures on many topics and themes related to the Maghrib region. Mostly English, with some episodes in Arabic, French, Tamazight, and Spanish.
  • Spotify: Pop Music
  • Spotify: Acoustic
  • Spotify: Rap Music
  • Arabic @ UMD YouTube Playlist

Blogs and Other Fun Sites

  • Team MahaCultural tips and slang words from an American living in Cairo.
  • AktubLearn to type in Arabic.
  • 3ayza AtgawezThe satirical blog that turned into a popular Egyptian TV series.
  • Typing TestTest your skills and compete for the quickest typing time.
  • 3ayza AtgawezThe complete TV series.
  • Cartoon ArabiHundreds of TV shows and animated movies, including translated cartoons.
  • ArabiziA blog about sociolinguistics, Arabic, and language maintenance.
  • Al-HakawatiFolklore, fairy tales, and other English language readings to learn more about Arabic culture.

Career and Professional Resources

D.C. Area Organizations

TV Shows

  • Embratoriat MeenA light-hearted Egyptian comedy about an expat family that moves back to Egypt at the time of the 2011 revolution and the cultural misconceptions that ensue.  
  • ZinaA Moroccan drama about a young girl who decides to leave her village and pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer.
  • Harat alYehoodAn Egyptian drama that aired during Ramadan 2015.  The show is set in the Jewish Quarter during the 1948 war with Israel. 
  • AlKabeer AwiAn Egyptian comedy full of slapstick humor, this show focuses on AlKabeer Awi's two son's as they fight to see who will take over his "empire".

Cooking Blogs and Videos

Arabic Flagship Library

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