Course Semester Titlesort descending Sections Instructor(s)
SPAN311 Spring 2019 Advanced Communication I 3 sections Ana Acedo Garcia
Manel Lacorte
Douglas Glynn
SPAN301 Spring 2019 Advanced Grammar and Composition I 8 sections Ana Acedo Garcia
Jose Magro
Douglas Glynn
Sarah Dowman
Instructor: TBA
SPAN303 Spring 2019 Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World 8 sections Chris Lewis
Ana Rodriguez
Mehl Penrose
Eyda Merediz
Carmen Benito-Vessels
Jose Naharro-Calderon
Saul Sosnowski
PORT332 Spring 2019 Brazilian Cinema 1 sections Regina Igel
SPAN626 Spring 2019 Hispanic Linguistics II: Language in Use 1 sections Manel Lacorte
SPAN426 Spring 2019 Hispanic Linguistics III: Language in Use 2 sections Manel Lacorte
Instructor: TBA
SPAN418C Spring 2019 Hispanic Literature in Translation; The Classical Tradition in Spain and Latin America 1 sections Francisco Barrenechea
SPAN103 Spring 2019 Intensive Elementary Spanish 4 sections Katherin Solano
Carla Onate
PORT204 Spring 2019 Intensive Intermediate Portuguese 1 sections Thayse Lima
SPAN203 Spring 2019 Intensive Intermediate Spanish 7 sections Juan Diaz
Ofelia Montelongo Valencia
Daniela Hernandez
Jose Magro
SPAN422 Spring 2019 Intercultural Communication and Negotiation 1 sections Elisa Gironzetti
PORT221 Spring 2019 Introduction to Brazilian Literature 1 sections Thayse Lima
SPAN235 Spring 2019 Issues in Latin American Studies II 2 sections Britta Anderson
SPAN362 Spring 2019 Latin American Literatures and Cultures II: From Independence to Nation Formation 2 sections Nidia Reyes
Laura Demaria
SPAN363 Spring 2019 Latin American Literatures and Cultures III: From Modernism to Neo-Liberalism 2 sections Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia
Saul Sosnowski
SPAN798D Spring 2019 Open Seminar; Cervantes and Don Quixote 1 sections Hernan De Pinillos
SPAN798F Spring 2019 Open Seminar; Theory-Politics-Literature: A Caribbean Seascape 1 sections Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia
SPAN798E Spring 2019 Open Seminar; Writing the Present: Reflections on Our Times 1 sections Laura Demaria
SPAN307 Spring 2019 Oral Communication Skills for Heritage Speakers of Spanish 1 sections Carla Onate
PORT223 Spring 2019 Portuguese Culture 1 sections Regina Igel
SPAN207 Spring 2019 Reading and Writing in Spanish 6 sections Chila Hidalgo
Daniela Bulansky
Jackson Monzon
Instructor: TBA
SPAN332 Spring 2019 Spanish Culture, Civilization and Literature II: Renaissance and Baroque 1 sections Hernan De Pinillos
SPAN333 Spring 2019 Spanish Culture, Civilization and Literature III: Modern Times 1 sections Jose Naharro-Calderon
SPAN370 Spring 2019 Spanish for Business I 1 sections Lisa Carney
SPAN470 Spring 2019 Spanish for Business II 1 sections Roberta Lavine
SPAN206 Spring 2019 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I 1 sections Evelyn Canabal-Torres
SPAN306 Spring 2019 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II 1 sections Evelyn Canabal-Torres
SPAN371 Spring 2019 Spanish for the Health Professions 1 sections Evelyn Canabal-Torres
SPAN204 Spring 2019 Spanish Grammar Review 3 sections Sofia Maurette
Rosario de Fatima Montero Navarro
SPAN373 Spring 2019 Spanish in the Media 1 sections Chila Hidalgo