SLA Research

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The Ph.D. program in Second Language Acquisition is housed in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures. It emphasizes training in cognitive aspects of second and foreign language learning, as well as research methodology. The course load is kept to a minimum to encourage students to start engaging in research as soon as possible.

A wide variety of research interests are welcome. Just a few examples of areas of research in which the faculty are currently actively engaged include:

Age effects in second language learning (Michael Long, Robert DeKeyser)
Aptitude for second language learning (Catherine Doughty, Robert DeKeyser)
Assessment in second and foreign language learning (Steven Ross, Michael Long)
Corrective feedback in second language learning (Robert DeKeyser, Michael Long, Steven Ross)
Heritage language learners (Kira Gor, Michael Long, Nan Jiang)
Implicit and explicit learning processes (Robert DeKeyser, Catherine Doughty, Nan Jiang)
Instructed language learning (Michael Long, Catherine Doughty, Robert DeKeyser, Steven Ross)
Second language processing (Nan Jiang, Kira Gor)

The faculty have conducted research in a variety of second languages using a wide variety of methodologies, from laboratory experiments and classroom research to participant observation and survey research.

For both research and teaching, the program draws on the expertise of distinguished faculty in many departments, especially LinguisticsPsychologyHearing and SpeechComputer ScienceCurriculum and Instruction; and Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation.