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SLA PhD Graduates in Reverse Chronological Order (Name, Dissertation, Current Position/Residence)


Kyoko Hillman: Effects of Different Type of Auditory Input on Incidental Vocabulary Learning by L2 Japanese Learners. Lecturer in the Department of Asian Studies, the University of British Columbia.

Buthainah Al Thowaini: Selectivity in Lexical Access among Bilinguals of Orthographically Distinct Scripts and the Role of Executive Functions. Assistant Professor, King Saud University.

Yi Wei: Attentional Processing and Incidentlal Learning of Semantically Transparent and Opaque Compounds Through Reading: An Eye-Tracking Study. Assistant Professor, School of Chinese as a Second Language, Peking University.

Ekaterina Solovyeva: Cross-Linguistic Differences in the Learning of Inflectional Morphology: Effects of Target Language Paradigm Complexity. Linguistic Insights Researcher, Publicis Health. Philadelphia PA.

Hyojin Jeong: The Effects of Training for Automaticity on Multiword Recognition. Post-Doctoral Studies at Sungkyunkwan University, Korea.


Stephen O'Connell: Comprehension of Conversational Implicature: Examining Evidence of its Separability as a Listening Subskill. Assessment Content Development Manager, WIDA Consortium, University of Wisconsin-Madison WI.


Eric Pelzl: Investigation of Second Language Lexical Representation and Processing of Tones. Post-Doctoral Studies, Pennsylvania State University PA.

Alia Lancaster: Lexical Competition in Native and Non-Native Auditory Word Recognition. Senior Research and Assessment Analyst, DIT, University of Maryland MD.

Assma Al-Thowani: Speech Modification to Non-Native Speakers and Content Dilution: Implications for English as a Medium of Instruction. King Saud University. 


Megan Masters: Pathways to Proficiency: Examining the Coherence of Initial Acquisition Patterns within the Language Difficulty Categorization Framework. Director of Academic Technology Experience, DIT, University of Maryland MD.

Man Li: Temporal Distribution of Practice and Individual Differences in the Automatization of L2 Mandarin Word Production. Adjunct Faculty, George Mason University VA.

Jeansue Mueller: An Examination of the Influence of Age on L2 Acquisition of English on Sound-Symbolic Patterns. U.S. Department of Defense. 


Iina Stojanovska: The Role of Rules, Examples, and Individual Differences in the Acquisition of Declarative and Procedural Second Language Knowledge. Macedonia

Payman Vafee: The Relative Significance of Syntactic Knowledge and Vocabulary Knowledge on Second Language Listening Comprehension. Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University NY.

Susan Benson: Explicit Written Corrective Feedback and Language Aptitude in SLA: Implications for Improvement in Linguistic Accuracy. Faculty, St. Petersburg College FL.


Sunyoung Ahn: Automatic Activation of Semantic Processing During Second Language Processing. Boston MA.

Suzanne Freynik: Comparing Second Language Learners’ Sensitivity to Arabic Derivational and Inflectional Morphology at the Lexical and Sentence Levels. Adjunct Professorial Lecturer, American University, Washington, DC.

Tom Wagener: The Influences of Aptitude, Learning Context, and Language Difficulty Categorization on Foreign Language Proficiency. Director of Area Studies U.S. Naval Academy, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD.

Yuichi Suzuki: Using New Measures of Implicit L2 Knowledge to Study the Interface of Explicit and Implicit Knowledge. Associate Professor, Kanagawa University, Japan.


Anna Lukianchenko/Chrabaszcz: From Sound to Meaning: Quantifying Contextual Cffects in Resolution of L2 Phonolexical Ambiguity. Post-Doctoral Studies, University of Pittsburgh PA.

Goretti Prieto Botana: The Role of Task-Essentialness and Explicit Information in Processing Instruction. Associate Professor of Spanish, University of Southern California CA.


Natalia Romanova: Investigations of Mechanisms Underlying Lexical Access in Second Language Processing of Gender and Number Agreement. Adjunct Professor, Columbian College for Arts and Science, Washington, DC.


Charles Mueller: Comparison of an Integrative Inductive Approach, Presentation-and Practice Approach, and Two Hybrid Approaches to Instruction of English Prepositions. Fuji Women’s University, Sapporo, Japan.

Gisela Granena: Age Differences and Cognitive Aptitudes for Implicit and Explicit Learning in Ultimate L2 Attainment. CollaboratorInstructed Second Language Acquisition Lab, Indiana University IN.

Jihye Moon: Maturational and Non-maturational Factors in Heritage Language Acquisition. Assistant Professor, George Mason University VA.

Joel Koeth: Mix and Switch Effects in Bilingual Language Processing. U.S. Department of Defense.

Katie Nielson: Planning and Working Memory as Predictors of Accuracy, Fluency, and Complexity. Voxy Inc.

Sunyoung Lee-Ellis: Looking into Bilingualism Through the Heritage Speaker Mind. Foreign Service Institute, Washington, DC.

Svetlana Cook: Phonological Form in L2 Lexical Access: Friend or Foe? National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland MD.


David Ellis: Item Analysis Methods and their Impications for ILTA Guidelines for Practices: A Comparison of Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory Models on the Outcomes of a High Stakes Entrance Examination. Executive Director of CENTRL, Takoma Park, MD.


Karen Vatz: Grammatical Gender Representation and Processing in Advanced Second Language Learners of French. Adjunct Faculty, Norwich University VT.


SLA MA Graduates


Joyce Du

John Kruse
Victoria Richwine


Eun Kyung Lee: University of Maryland PhD in Linguistics Program

Yana Carver: U.S. Department of Defense

Natalie Sullivan: Houston, TX

Liuan Yang: Kansas, Chinese Instructor 

Yaxin Zhang: St. Vincent Pallotti High School, Laurel, Maryland



Matt Coss: National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland

Rachel Chang: Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland

Yoko Eshita: Japanese Instructor, Richmond, VA



Lili Zhang: Chinese Instructor, Kazakstan

Bradford Salen: Georgetown University PhD in Applied Linguistics Program

Ryo Maie: Michigan State University PhD in Second Language Studies Program

Katie Abadie: U.S. Department of Defense



Yingzhao Chen: Michigan State University PhD in Second Language Studies Program

Lindsay Cabrera: University of Maryland, Smith School of Business

Helman Tanya: U.S.  Department of Defense



Halime Yilmaz: National Foreign Language Center, University of Maryland

Hsin-Yi Lien: University of Illinois  PhD in East Asian Studies Program

Jennifer Freeland: Toledo, OH, TESOL



Jessica Young:Center for the Advanced Study of Language, University of Maryland

Natalie Koval: Michigan State University PhD in Second Language Studies Program