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Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS) aims to integrate social and behavioral sciences, AI, and computing for new Human Domain applied research and development capabilities. ARLIS is the only Department of Defense University-Affiliated Research Center (UARC) designed to serve the defense security and intelligence community (IC) and is the only UARC located in the heart of the National Capital Region. ARLIS’s foci on social and sociotechnical systems, augmentation, and human-machine symbiosis is unique in service to the defense security and intelligence enterprise.


As a research institute of the University of Maryland, NFLC works to define current and future language needs of the nation and helps build capacity to meet those needs. Through research, collaborations, consultations, and projects, the staff and fellows of NFLC are dedicated to improving the nation's ability to understand and communication with people aroung the world and to manage the unprecendented flow of information resulting from globalization.

Connecting expertise, ideas and creativity from these diverse areas is a top priority and a key strength of the Maryland Language Science Center. The mission of the Language Science Center is to advance an interdisciplinary science of language to address large-scale, complex problems in fundamental science and society. Our approach incorporates key lessons that we have learned about how to create and sustain a vibrant and diverse research community.

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