Kira Gor

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Ph.D. - Linguistics and Experimental Phonetics, Saint Petersburg State University
Ph.D. - Russian and Second Language Acquisition, Bryn Mawr College


Second language acquisition of phonology and morphology
Second language lexical access
Processing of inflectional morphology by native and non-native speakers
Linguistic correlates of second language proficiency
The heritage speaker


SLAA 741 Cognitive processes in second language learning
SLAA 742 Second language processing
SLAA 749F Second language acquisition and processing of phonology
SLAA 749L Phonology and morphology in L2 lexical access
SLAA 749V The L2 mental lexicon and issues in vocabulary learning
SLAA 772 Bilingualism and multilingualism
SLAA 773 The heritage speaker



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Book chapters

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