Galina Aksenova

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Galina Aksenova is a Russian film critic and scholar. For the last 15 years, she has taught at Middlebury College’s renowned Russian Summer School program, where she also served as Deputy Director from 2000-2009. Aksenova has taught at Grinnell College, Emory University, Maryland University, Smith College, Kansas University, and Illinois Wesleyan University. Since 2007, she has been an Associate Professor at the Moscow Art Theater, where she leads courses in both global and Russian film.

Aksenova’s screenwriting credits include the TV-documentaries Dreams of Israel (1993), The Moon on the Stage (1993), The Servant of Two Masters (1993), and Steps in the Desert (1993), as well as the TV-movies Twelve Months of Tango (2011), The Movie Star Between the Hammer and Sickle (2013), Vladimir Tendriakov: Portrait Against Time (2013), and The Last Poet of the Great War (2015). She is co-author of the TV programs The Theater of My Memory (1995-1996) and Shalamov (2007).

Aksenova holds a PhD from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts in Moscow, and is the author of 1968 and Other Years (1991) and a contributing author of Educational Theatre (Russian Language, 1989).