Maya Brin Residency

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When Emeritus Professor Michael Brin brought his family to the United States from the Soviet Union in 1979, he and his mother both found a home at the university. He researched and taught math for more than 30 years, and she, a former English teacher, taught in the Russian department for nearly 10.

“She liked the people, she liked the work,” Brin says. “It was good for her.”

That’s why he’s given $600,000 to establish the Maya Brin Endowment in Russian, following her passing in March 2012. The endowment will fund a residency, which will bring leading Russian scholars, artists and cultural figures to campus for short-term stays to promote Russian culture, and a new permanent teaching position.

“This has great potential, both for students studying Russian and those outside the field,” says former Russian Department Head Elizabeth Papazian. “It’s a way to bring Russian culture closer to non-Russian speakers. I hope this will inspire more students to take on this difficult language.”

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