Coursesort descending Semester Title Sections Instructor(s)
RUSS102 Spring 2019 Intensive Elementary Russian II 2 sections Inna Hardman
RUSS202 Spring 2019 Intermediate Russian II 1 sections Zhanna Gerus-Vernola
RUSS289I Spring 2019 The Power of the Word: Freedom of Speech in the U.S. and Russia 1 sections Cynthia Martin
RUSS302 Spring 2019 Advanced Russian II 2 sections Zhanna Gerus-Vernola
Instructor: TBA
RUSS303 Spring 2019 Russian Conversation: Functional Skills 2 sections Anastasiia Selemeneva
Instructor: TBA
RUSS329E Spring 2019 Soviet Literature in Translation; History, Fiction, Cinema 1 sections Elizabeth Papazian
RUSS402 Spring 2019 Practicum in Written Russian 1 sections Cynthia Martin
RUSS439D Spring 2019 Selected Topics in Russian Literature; Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment: Modernity and the City 1 sections Elizabeth Papazian