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About Arum Scholarship's benefactor, Mr. Hyun-il (Henry) Shin

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Mr. Hyun-il (Henry) Shin, owner of General Auto Body in College Park, has been supporting Korean language studies since 2003. Mr. Shin immigrated to Maryland when he was twenty-three years old and has lived here with his wife and three children since.

He has provided a handful of scholarships every year to students studying the Korean language at the University of Maryland, College Park. Since Spring 2004, more than 50 students have received financial aid from Mr. Shin. Mr. Shin plans to continue his scholarship program as a way to promote Korean language learning and give back to the University of Maryland where both his sons attended as Engineering majors.

Mr. Shin has not only provided scholarships to students taking Korean courses, but he has also donated funds for Korean cultural events such as Korea Day. Although Mr. Shin is extremely busy with his own business, he still manages to attend these events personally to talk to and get to know the student recipients of his scholarship program. He hopes that his contribution can motivate students to pursue an interest in the country and language of his birth.

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