WebEx connecting professors and students across the world

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Cisco WebEx is a video conferencing tool used to enhance online meetings and can connect our professors and students to other universities across the world. Here in the SLLC, Saul Sosnowski is using Webex for his graduate seminar course, Spanish 798Z, to co-teach with professor Cristián Opazo of the Catholic University of Chile. Chilean and Maryland students focus together on mid-19th and late 20th century texts from writers who traveled to and from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago de Chile. “This is the second graduate seminar that we are doing using this model. A couple of our students later went to Chile and a couple came from there to Maryland,” Sosnowski said.
WebEx is supported by the University of Maryland, provides a reliable connection for conference calls, and can be shared with students via ELMS. The program allows for dual screen sharing and is ideal for teachers and courses that need to communicate with multiple participants. 
The SLLC’s Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning provides assistance with international calls through Webex and through the university’s CIC courseshare program which allows the Big 10 universities to share courses that might otherwise have low enrollment.