Three RASA's and one CAPAA for SPAN

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It is my pleasure to announce that three SPAP faculty members have been awarded Research and Scholarship Awards (RASA) and one has received a Creative and Performing Arts (CAPAA) Award.

Dr. Laura Demaria applied for and won a CAPAA award for a semester to continue work on her novel, tentatively entitled St. Louis Blues. Laura is the author of an award-winning collection of short stories published under the title, Crossing Carlota.

Dr. Ryan Long won a RASA summer award to continue working on his book on Roberto Bolaño. His monograph will cover the entire range of this novelist’s production, the first book in English to do so.

For her RASA semester, Dr. Eyda Merediz will finish a monograph devoted to how the writings of Renaissance Spanish intellectual and Dominican priest, Bartolomé de Las Casas, have been used to underpin ethical and political positions taken by important 19th and 20th century Caribbean writers and thinkers.

Dr. Mehl Penrose, in his RASA research semester, will expand his current work on queer and masculinity studies from its current focus on Enlightenment Spain into the nineteenth-century and the fin-de-siècle. He will explore how medical, pseudo-medical and sexological treatises construct and pathologize non-normative sexual identities.

El Departamento de Español y Portugués, otra vez, distinto y diferente en medio de la marejada de nuestros días.

¡SPAP arrasando en el 2014!

Felicitaciones y enhorabuena a todos.

Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia

Latin American Studies Center, news-archive-spanish