Summer Session Opportunities

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SLLC Course opportunities extend into the summer with traditional, online, and blended courses!



ARAB341 Filming War Zones: Representations of Wars in Iraq and Chechnya



CHIN201 Intermediate Spoken Chinese I

CHIN202 Intermediate Written Chinese I

CHIN203 Intermediate Spoken Chinese II

CHIN204 Intermediate Written Chinese II

CHIN315 Modern Chinese Literature in Translation

CHIN332 Chinese Culture through Traditional Chinese Arts



FILM245 Film Form and Culture

FILM319A Special Topics in Documentary, Animation, Experimental Cinema, and Other Visual Media; Introduction to Digital Video Production

FILM329G Special Topics in National/International Cinemas; One Hundred Years of Hollywood and Politics

FILM329M Special Topics in National/International Cinemas; Global Film Censorship from the Cold War to the Digital Age

FILM341 Filming War Zones: Representations of Wars in Iraq and Chechnya

FILM342 Film Comedy

FILM359Y Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements: Cinema of Disaster: Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Monsters

FILM459M Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; Science Fiction Cinema: Masterworks



FREN103 Intensive Elementary French

FREN203 Intensive Intermediate French

FREN204 French Grammar and Composition

FREN301 Composition and Style


Germanic Studies

GERM103 Intensive Elementary German

GERM203 Intensive Intermediate German



HEBR298O Special Topics in Jewish Studies; Jewish Languages in America



JAPN101 Elementary Japanese I

JAPN102 Elementary Japanese II



KORA101 Elementary Korean I

KORA102 Elementary Korean II



RUSS101 Intensive Elementary Russian I

RUSS102 Intensive Elementary Russian II

RUSS201 Intermediate Russian I

RUSS202 Intermediate Russian II

RUSS289I The Power of the Word: The History of Free Speech in the US and Russia

RUSS398G Selected Topics in Russian Language and Literature; Russian Grammar

RUSS409A Selected Topics in Russian Language Study; Advanced Russian Grammar for Reading



SPAN103 Intensive Elementary Spanish

SPAN203 Intensive Intermediate Spanish

SPAN207 Reading and Writing in Spanish

SPAN301 Advanced Grammar and Composition I

SPAN303 Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World

SPAN370 Spanish for Business

SPAN374 Spanish for the Community