Summer Session Opportunities

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SLLC Course opportunities extend into the summer with online courses.  For additional information about UMD Summer Session 2020, please visit the Office of Extended Studies website.



ARAB304 - Advanced Modern Standard Arabic I

ARAB305 - Advanced Modern Standard Arabic II

ARAB499B - Special Topics in Arabic Studies; Ideas and Ideologies in Contemporary Arabic Cultural Production



CHIN101 - Intensive Elementary Chinese I

CHIN102 - Elementary Spoken Chinese

CHIN103 - Elementary Written Chinese

CHIN201 - Intermediate Spoken Chinese I

CHIN202 - Intermediate Written Chinese I

CHIN203 - Intermediate Spoken Chinese II

CHIN204 - Intermediate Written Chinese II

CHIN315 - Modern Chinese Literature in Translation



FILM245 - Film Form and Culture

FILM319B - Special Topics in Documentary, Animation, Experimental Cinema, and Other Visual Media; Disney without Disney: The Afterlives of Children's Media Icons

FILM329M - Special Topics in National/International Cinemas; Global Film Censorship from the Cold War to the Digital Age

FILM329T - Special Topics in National/International Cinemas; Sports in Film

FILM342 - Film Comedy

FILM359I - Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; The Cinema of the Coen Brothers

FILM459M - Special Topics in Genres/Auteurs/Cinema Movements; Science Fiction Cinema: Masterworks



FREN103 - Intensive Elementary French

FREN203 - Intensive Intermediate French

FREN204 - French Grammar and Composition

FREN301 - Composition and Style

FREN302 - Translation: French to English



GERM103 - Intensive Elementary German

GERM203 - Intensive Intermediate German

GERM302 - Conversation and Composition II: Current Topics in German-Speaking Society

GERM399C - Selected Topics in Germanic Studies; Watching Disaster: Eco-Crises on German Television



JAPN101 - Elementary Japanese I

JAPN102 - Elementary Japanese II



PERS301 - Advanced Persian I

PERS302 - Advanced Persian II

PERS405 - Media and the Current Issues in Iranian Society

PERS406 - Practicum in Persian Translation



RUSS201 - Intermediate Russian I

RUSS202 - Intermediate Russian II

RUSS289I - The Power of the Word: Freedom of Speech in the U.S. and Russia

RUSS398G - Selected Topics in Russian Language and Literature; Russian Grammar

RUSS409A - Selected Topics in Russian Language Study; Advanced Russian Grammar for Reading



SPAN103 - Intensive Elementary Spanish

SPAN203 - Intensive Intermediate Spanish

SPAN204 - Spanish Grammar Review

SPAN207 - Reading and Writing in Spanish

SPAN301 - Advanced Grammar and Composition I

SPAN303 - Approaches to Cultural Materials in the Hispanic World

SPAN311 - Advanced Communication I

SPAN333 - Spanish Culture, Civilization and Literature III: Modern Times

SPAN370 - Spanish for Business I