Spring Awards 2021

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decorative image of graduates throwing hats in the air

The Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Assistant

  • Clara Bichon (FREN)
  • Daniela Bulansky (SPAP)

Ann G Wylie Dissertation Fellowship for FY 2021-2022

  • Leandra Cormier, French and Modern Studies
  • Nidia Reyes, Spanish and Portuguese

SLLC Outstanding TA Award

  • Adonis Carvalho, Portuguese
  • Takehiro Iizuka, Japanese

SLLC Excellence in First Year Language Teaching

  • Clara Danos, French

French Program Award Announcements

  • Paulina Leder, double major French and History, received the Hirsch Scholarship.
  • Two French minors, Kyeisha Laurence and Lade Gbolade were honored as the 2021 Maryland Medallion Society
  • two Italian students were honored with awards from the Italian Cultural Society of Washington: Marcella Finell and Kamryn Hoag 
  • Clara B, Guilhem, Madeline, Charlee: Carolina Conference for Romance Studies, a panel Hybridizing Nature at the Dawn of the Anthropocene
  • Clara Bichon, Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award 2020-21
  • Liz Robinson, Snouffer Dissertation Fellow
  • Charlee Bezilla, Wylie Dissertation Fellow next AY, Léandra Cormier

Germanic Studies

Anjali Gajendiran is the recipient of The Anneliese and Alfred Strauch Scholarship for Language Study. She is currently studying Bioengineering and Germanic Studies at UMD and plans to study abroad in Berlin in Spring 2022. In her free time, Anjali enjoys being outside and playing board games with her friends. In the future, she hopes to pursue higher education in Germany and use her work to help her community.

Caroline Pugh received the Donald Hirsch Scholarship and The German Society of Maryland Merit Award. She is a rising senior pursuing a double degree in Biological Sciences and Germanic Studies, as well as a minor in Humanities, Health, and Medicine. She is on the pre-medical track and plans to attend medical school in either the United States or Germany following graduation and a (hopeful) Fulbright in Germany. Caroline fell in love with the German language and culture during her experience living in Northern Germany as a CBYX exchange student in 2017-2018.  This summer, Caroline will be conducting clinical research in Mannheim, Germany, and she plans to study abroad next spring in Berlin. She is very excited to see her host family again, as well as to enjoy some of her favorite German specialties: Käsespätzle, Currywurst, Döner, and Fisch- and Krabbenbrötchen! 

Leanna Rousset received both the The Anneliese and Alfred Strauch Scholarship for Language Study and The German Society of Maryland Merit Award. Lea is majoring in Germanic Studies and Civil Engineering and plans to study abroad in Munich at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen in Spring 2022, where she hopes to gain deeper knowledge and appreciation of the civil engineering field through her internship. After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland, she plans to return to Germany to obtain a Master’s Degree in Hydrology and continue to work in a German engineering firm. She hopes the experiences she gains throughout her education at UMD and in Munich will help her reach her goal of becoming a hydraulic engineer. Lea is an avid hiker and loves spending time with her family. 




Miles Mochizuki, a JAPN Minor, was inducted to the Japan National Honor Society by American Association of Teachers of Japanese for the Year 2020-2021.


Roshan Institute for Persian Studies


The Ulrike and Jamshid Amouzegar Undergraduate Scholarship in Persian Studies (AMUS) is awarded to:

  • Isabelle Lareau
  • Nathan Boyle

This scholarship has an award of $500 to each awardee. 


Established in 2006 by His Excellency Dr Jamshid Amouzegar, the Ulrike and Jamshid Amouzegar Undergraduate Scholarship in Persian Studies (AMUS) is an endowed fund to provide annual scholarships for freshman or sophomore students who are seeking a double major, major or minor in Persian Studies.


The Persian Studies Essay Award is awarded to:

  • Isabelle Lareau

This scholarship has an award of $500.


Made possible by a generous gift from the Iranian-American philanthropist, Mr Hossein Amirsaleh, in 2010, The Persian Studies Essay Award is an endowed fund to recognize outstanding undergraduate student essays submitted in partial fulfilment of a Persian Studies course requirements. 


The Maya Brin Prize for Excellence in the Study of Russian Award ($500)

  • Esther Katz

The Maya Brin Scholarship in Cultural Competency ($ 5,000)

  • Erin Auteri

  • Anna Artazova

  • Bryan Hsu

ACTR Post- Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award

  • Rachel Elizabeth Pepper 

ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest Winners

  • Gabriela Rasmussen   (Silver Medal)

  • Sarah Sporkin         (Honorable Mention)

  • Matt Sherman         (Honorable Mention)

  • Oscar Naramore      (Honorable Mention)

  • Corine Cucolo         (Honorable Mention)

  • Narek Grigorian      (Honorable Mention)

  • Joseph Kuliyev       (Honorable Mention)

  • Alexander Dudkin  (Honorable Mention)


The Spanish and Portuguese Program had a virtual ceremony to honor their award-winning students and the new members of Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi.

  • The winner of THE MOISES AND LUCÍA IGEL LANGUAGE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (PORT 205) is Shaniya Montgomery  a student of Thayse Lima, who was selected at the end of the Fall 2019 semester. An honorary mention went to Gabby Cohen as well.  Our gratitude goes to Prof. Regina Igel, who has pledged the funds for this award for the next decade.
  • The winner of THE JOSÉ EMILIO PACHECO ESSAY AWARD (SPAN 301 & SPAN 306) is Archana Swaminathan, a student of Ana Acedo for an essay titled: "Carne cultivada en laboratorios: el futuro del consumo animal."
  • The winner of the THE ROBERTA LAVINE AND SANDRA CYPESS RESEARCH AWARD (SPAN 303) is for Xiwei Peng, a student Chris Lewis, for an essay entitled: "La importancia de los seres humanos en su lucha contra la naturaleza." 
  • The winner of THE GRACIELA NEMES OUTSTANDING STUDENT AWARD for this academic year is Sheena Patel. Her achievements as a Spanish Major in our department as well as her commitment beyond the classroom made her an ideal recipient of this honor. Sheena was nominated by Prof. Manel Lacorte and supported by Profs. Laura Demaría, Juan Carlos Quintero, Ginette Eldredge, and Eyda Merediz. 

Our new Sigma Delta Pi inductees are:

  • Fransiska Dale
  • Verónica Iglesias
  • Shaniya Montgomery 
  • Emilia Muga
  • Sheen Patel
  • Gisell Ramírez