New Course Offerings for Hebrew

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The Hewbrew program is now offering these new courses:
WINTER 2019: HEBR 249F: Fundamentals of Hebrew Grammar (3 credits, online)
A comprehensive review of verb categories, tenses, and common errors.
WINTER 2019: HEBR 298O/JWST 219O: Jewish Languages in America (3 credits, GenEd: HU/CC, online)
Students will study how subgroups and subcultures form because of language choices.
SPRING 2019: HEBR 249E: Israeli Entrepreneurship and Innovation (3 credits, online)
An examination of Israeli startups, interviews with tech experts and development of original business ideas in Hebrew.
SPRING 2019: HEBR 386: Internship
An opportunity for a mentored internship with Sela, DC's only Hebrew-immersion charter school.