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The Around the World Film Festival: Students, family and friends, and faculty enjoy multicultural refreshments.


The St. Mary’s Language House holds its first Around the World Film Festival in McKeldin Library to showcase student films from every language cluster.


On the evening of October 24, 2012, the Special Events Room in McKeldin Library was standing-room only. The reason? The St. Mary’s Language House’s first ever Around the World Film Festival. Students, their families and friends, and faculty alike convened for an altogether successful night of cultural food and short films created by residents of the Language House.

Each language cluster submitted a short film for the festival. The review panel consisted of 10 judges from various campus departments, ranging from parents of students to Dr. Luka Arsenjuk, Assistant Professor of Film Studies in the SLLC. Every film submitted had to highlight an aspect of each language’s culture, include all students within the cluster, and meet a specific [time] length requirement. In addition, all films displayed English subtitles so that all viewers could understand and enjoy the videos.

While the judges convened to select the top three films, culturally-diverse refreshments prepared by each cluster were served to all attendees. The three films determined by the judges to be the best were presented $100 awards: third prize went to the Japanese cluster’s comedic spinoff of The Ring, entitled “Sadako’s Daily Life;” second prize was awarded to the Persian cluster’s film, “No, I Insist!” that depicted many differences between the cultural customs of Iran and the West; and first prize was earned by the Italian cluster’s dramatic film, “Collide (Urto).” In addition to preparing cultural food, each cluster also dressed in attire specific to the nationalities of their respective countries, lending a festive spirit beyond the screen as well.

The top three videos can be viewed here:

First Place: Italian Cluster, "Collide (Urto)"

Second Place: Persian Cluster, "No, I Insist!

Third Place: Japanese Cluster, "Sadako's Daily Life"


Tim Meehan ('15 Germanic Studies)
SLLC Public Relations Intern