Congratulations to the Fall 2019 Language House Graduates

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The entire Language House commemorated and celebrated the extraordinary achievement of the Language House Graduates (Winter Commencement) during the Ice Cream Social on 9th December, 2019.

Congratulations to our graduates (left to right):

Benjamin "Vinja" Petrochko– Vinja is graduating after three semesters with the Russian Cluster. He will graduate with a major in Russian and a minor in Second Language Education and plans to travel to Russia to teach English.

Matthrew Akras– Matthew will graduate after three semesters in the Spanish Cluster with a degree in English and Spanish. Matthew is pursuing scholarships and teaching opportunities in Spain.

Jenna Wollney– Jenna is graduating after two semesters with the Language House, with a degrees in Geology and Spanish, and is considering continuing on to graduate school for Geological Engineering.

Gabriella Jones– Gabriella will graduate with a double major in Chinese and Communications and is planning on attending graduate school in either China or Europe in the next academic year. 

Gloria Wan– Gloria has earned her degree in Studio Art with a minor in Chinese. She plans to travel around Asia after graduating and before starting working.

Matthew Goulding– Matthew has completed his degree in Computer Science with minors in Chinese and Astronomy, and will be graduating after three semesters in the Language House. He will be heading to China for eight months following his graduation to travel and continue his Chinese studies, before returning to Boston to work as a software engineer for TripAdvisor.

Justin Chao– Justin is graduating after his first semester in the Language House with a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Japanese. He plans to work in software engineering after graduation.

Billy Zheng– Billy is graduating after two semesters in the Language House with a degree in Spanish and served as Apartment Leader in the Spanish cluster.