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BA in Film Studies, MA Track in Hispanic Linguistics, MA and Certificate in SLA
Dr. Elena Lozinsky on a trip to Paris, France to meet with her publishers
Dr. Elena Lozinsky- publishing her doctoral dissertation and Russian translations of Marcel Proust’s In Remembrance of Things Past

This Past week, November 10-11th, four doctoral students with Prof. Benito-Vessels  from the Dept.

Les Femmes du 6ème étage, a French comedy, was screened to UMD French students on Monday, November 12!

A retrospective of the late French filmmaker Alice Guy-Blaché took place at UMD from November 9-10. The event featured film screenings, symposiums, and live music performances!

La Désintégration was screened to French students at the University of Maryland on Thursday, October 11th, 2012!

International Language Partner Kevin Young
Senior Kevin Young discusses his involvement at the University of Maryland across several fields.
Language Partner and Language House Resident Samantha Suplee
Samantha Suplee shares about the Language House and Language Partner Program.


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