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Services for SLLC Faculty and TAs

Library Media Services - Hornbake Library

Need media for your students? The Terrapin Learning Commons for equipment rental, study room, and specialized printing equipment.

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Media Duplication

Faculty may request to use our duplication station in CITL to edit videos and/or convert videos to other standards. Please note that we follow applicable copyright laws and can make no exceptions regarding copyrighted material. If you have any questions regarding copyrighted material please consult CITL staff on duty or refer to a copy of the law located in LMS.

"It is not yet legal for us (University of Maryland employees) to copy VHS to DVD for any purpose at this time without the permission of the copyright holder.* Faculty members can do so in their homes for their own purposes, however it will not be legal for us to do so until NEW VHS player/recorders are no longer being manufactured. VHS is still a viable format as defined by the copyright law.

US Copyright Law - Title 17, Chap. 1, sec. 106 subsec C2 says:

"For purposes of this subsection, a format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or device necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace."


Document and image scanning

Faculty may drop off documents or images for scanning. Please allow 3-5 business days for turn around. These items can be scanned into the following formats:

  • JPG used for web images or email, smaller file size
  • TIFF for high quality images, larger file size
  • PDF (portable document format): universal file format for articles, chapters in books
  • OCR (Optical Character recognition) is also available though not recommended if you would like to edit a document in Word or text and do not have the original.

Also note that the copiers in JMZ3215 and 1105 will scan documents and you can email to any recipient in the SLLC.

Media Consulting

Instructors may make an appointment to speak with the CITL staff to decide how best instructional media options may be included in their class syllabus and incorporated with their teaching style. We prefer that such appointments be made for the semester in advance so that we may spend the greatest possible amount of time working with you to incorporate technology into your courses.

Classroom/Event Recording

CITL Media Services will upon request: photograph, record audio, or record video for an event or class. Photographs of an event can either be made into a gallery for display or turned over to the requestor depending on needs. Video recordings must be processed and edited and may take up to a week to be returned in a usable format. Please let the CITL staff know about the event to be recorded at least one week in advance.