Language Media Services


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·       Faculty Policies

·       Non SLLC Faculty Policies

·       Student Policies

Faculty Policies

I. Media Services is a division of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (SLLC) . As of Fall 2015 Computer Carts may no longer be reserved for classroom use.

II. Equipment(i) must be picked up from and returned to the CITL office in Jiménez 1202. If an undergraduate student from the class is to pick up the equipment, we will need the student's name from the instructor, and the student must present a photo id at the time of checkout. We will retain the student's ID with us in the Center until the student brings back the equipment.

III. Equipment(i) MUST be returned at the conclusion of the semester. CITL may contact the equipment holder regarding an earlier return time if there is high demand for the equipment. It remains at the discretion of the equipment holder to return it early.

IV. Any piece of equipment(i) that is available for checkout may be reserved ahead of time by an instructor to ensure that it will be available at the time they wish to use it. Carts are no longer available for checkout, as all classrooms in Jimenez Hall have been upgraded as of Fall 2015. Carts will be used solely as backup to the installed classroom equipment.

V. All work requests(ii) must be logged on a work request form. We require at the very least: Name, email address, and a detailed description of the work to be done. The CITL Supervisor will notify the instructor should any problems arise during the course of the work order. Instructors will not be required to provide their own blank media(iii) for copying and conversion tasks provided that they are done for course work. We may only digitize and copy Audio Visual materials for current and upcoming registered classes being taught by SLLC Faculty.

Please allow at least 1 day turnaround for scanning projects, 2 days for copying and conversion tasks, and at least 3 days for digitization. Some tasks (based on quantity of material) may take longer, and the instructor will be notified of the timeframe for completion. Only SLLC instructors may submit work orders unless a prior arrangement is made with the CITL Supervisor.

VII. The Language Technology Lab may be reserved by SLLC instructors or Non SLLC instructors. Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance and may not be made for a) the entirety of a semester or b) for all sections of a course on a particular day. Reservations must be made by the instructor of the class.

 Non SLLC instructors must submit a request via the online form and will be charged for the use of the lab.

Non SLLC Policies

I.Non SLLC Faculty may only reserve the Language Technology Lab via online form. They are required to submit an FRS number so that we may charge their department for its use.

II.When a request from an Non SLLC instructor is submitted, the CITL supervisor judges availability based on the calendar and confirms with the submitter whether they can or can not reserve the lab for the time specified. If the lab is not available then the submitters department will not be charged. If the lab is available then a reservation will be entered into the calendar and a confirmation email will be sent to the submitter.

III.If after making a reservation a Non SLLC faculty member must cancel, they must do so within 24 hours of their reservation. If a Non SLLC faculty member fails to make a cancellation within the appropriate time frame they will be marked as NO SHOW and their department will be charged the full amount for the time they reserved.

Student Policies

I. Students MAY NOT check out equipment(i) unless a Faculty Member has specified with us that said student is to be the designated pickup for a class. This may be allowed in cases where a professor knows they will be late in arriving to a class regularly and will not have time to visit CITL before their class. We will NOT check out equipment to a student unless we have been specifically given their name by the Faculty Member in charge of the class, and they must present ID when checking the equipment out.

II. We will not perform work-requests(ii) for a student unless they have the endorsement of a faculty member present when they make the request.

III. CITL copies of VHS and DVD visual media are not to be loaned out to a student Under ANY circumstances. If a Faculty Member wishes to provide their own material for copy the student must provide blank media to make the copy


·       (i)Equipment: Constitutes anything within the CITL office with a barcode and as such anything that may be checked out by a user. To include Media Hardware and Media such as VHS and DVD.

·       (ii)Work requests are to be logged on a work request form at the time the request is taken. We need a name, an email address and a detailed (be specific as possible) description of the work to be done. Work requests include(but are not necessarily limited to) Media Copying, Scanning, Digitization, and Conversion.

·       (iii)Faculty: Blank Media (with the exception of paper for scanning) must be provided by the user if a copy being made is for personal use. We will only use CITL blank media if the copy being made is to remain in CITL or to be digitized. Blank Media will not be furnished or sold by CITL but can be purchased at the bookstore in the Student Union.

·       (iv)Standing reserve constitutes an appointment that is kept at the same time, every week in which the instructor agrees to use the equipment for all reservations at that time.