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Madeleine Deason
(Japanese Mentor, graduated 2011)

I wanted to let you know some exciting news! I have just accepted a new position as a web developer at Rakuten in Tokyo, Japan. I will be starting in June if the visa process goes smoothly. (4-21-17)

Madeleine returned to UMD and (of course) the LH in 2014 to pursue a masters in Journalism. After graduation she moved to Boston and is currently enjoying coding all day long as a Web Developer! She doesn't use Japanese at work, but she uses it everyday at home. (10-07-16) 


Jeff Jankiewicz 
(Japanese Cluster, graduated 2008)

Jeff has been teaching English in Korea for over two years. He recently opened his own school with two friends and is working on getting all his students, who range from fourth to tenth grade, to get into the habit of being creative, or at least expressive in the English language. (2-19-13)


Katy Phillips 
(Japanese Apt. Leader, graduated 2007)

Having the opportunity to live in the Language House was one of the best things that happened to me during my time at UMD. To me, it was more than just a living/learning program. It became the springboard I needed to take advantage of the other great opportunities that came to me. I was able to study abroad at Keio University during my junior year because living in the LH demonstrated commitment to studying and learning Japanese. Studying at Keio gave me the chance to do my summer internship with Goldman Sachs in their Tokyo office. My internship at Goldman then allowed me to land a full-time position on Wall Street after graduation, which has evolved into a career that allows me to give a little back from time to time to the program where it all started. :)  (3-1-16)


Rachel Nicholson 
(Apartment Leader, Japanese Cluster, graduated Dec. 2006)

I'll be opening my own cafe with my fiance (I got engaged on August 27), Masami, in late October. The cafe will be located in Hiroshima City. I'll be in charge of baking breads and sweets (cakes, tarts, etc) while my fiance will be doing the main cooking. There is a lot of work to be done, but I'm really excited about it! (9-17-09)

it's been 1.5 years since I came back to Japan (Hiroshima) to work and I'm still loving it. I work for Hiroshima University doing translations of near everything, working and maintaining the English homepage, as well as interviewing international students for our front page feature, "Voices from Abroad". I also teach English on Monday nights to a group of 21 middle-aged and senior men and women -- it's an interesting experience, sometimes frustrating, but mostly a lot of fun. I also tutor privately on the side. I also signed up for courses at a local baking school, which actually starts this weekend, so I'm really excited. (10-6-08)