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Messages from German Cluster Alumni

A. Paul Massaro III
(German Cluster, graduated 2015)

Paul is currently working as a Staff Associate at the United States Congress for the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. He just came back from a successful trip to Israel and Jordan, where he met with several Israeli public officials and also visited the 2015 OSCE Mediterranean Conference.

The trip certainly was fun and very productive. Of course, He worked diligently.

He misses all in the Language House and wishes everyone has a great semester. (11-16-2015)


Jess Gross 
(German Cluster, graduated 2012)

I got accepted for a 2nd Fulbright year teaching English here in Germany. I am in Frankfurt, Germany stationed as a ETA (English Teaching Assistant), working in both an Elementary School and a High School teaching children English, acting as an American Ambassador sharing American culture. I am proud to be accepted for an extended Fulbright scholarship. (10-1-13)


Rebecca Gu
(German Cluster, graduated 2012)

Rebecca Gu graduated in May 2012 with degrees in Viola Performance and Germanic Studies. After a wonderful year in the German cluster of the Language House, she was motivated to pursue a semester abroad in Leipzig, Germany. Currently she is working as a U.S. Teaching Assistant in Vorarlberg, Austria through the Austrian-American Educational/Fulbright Commission. (9-15-12)


Allison Chang
(German Cluster, graduated 2009)

Allison Chang (German 2009) got her M.A. in Anthropology & Education from Teachers College (2011) and is now an upper-school humanities teacher at Friends Meeting School, a Quaker private school in Frederick County, MD. She teaches several classes, including English 10-12, AP Lit., AP U.S. History, and French. Allison loves her school's focus on service and connecting to the larger world community. (2-25-13)


Kurt Pfund

(German Cluster, graduated 2006)


I am, despite surprised impressions to the contrary, back in the States after an extended stay in Germany, where I had a wonderful time meeting Germans (and one special German in particular). Now I'm living in Baltimore, working part-time as a teacher and carpenter's assistant, and continuing a Master's Program in Theology. I think the name of the institution where I am currently studying is somehow appropriate: St. Mary's (Ecumenical Institute of Theology). (10-1-08)

Thank You, Dr. Phoenix Liu and the Language House, for helping to give me enough confidence in my German abilities to first speak to the woman who is now my wife!

Kurt Pfund (LH 2004-06) married his wife Katarzyna Tyminski on 15 Aug, 2009, in a 14th-century Gothic church in Halle/Saale, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany



Jay Crisler
(German Cluster, graduated 1994)

Jay Crisler thinks learning a foreign language is extremely valuable because his career demonstrated this. Jay designs roller coasters and did an entire park in Dec. 2010. He broke into the industry in 1996 because he speaks German and all the sophisticated calculations for the designng of a roller coaster were done in Germany. Hence, the company he worked for in 1996 needed an American Engineer that spoke German. After 3 years in Italy, he returned to the American Office. The most recent project he worked on was Luna Park at Coney Island. (02-14-11)


Kai Dambach (German Cluster, graduated 2013)

I am writing to you from Deutsche Welle in Bonn, Germany. I have had an interesting four years since graduation.
First of all, I was selected for the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals, but had to turn it down as my kidneys started to fail after graduation. Fortunately, a substitute teacher of mine from long ago matched and I had my third kidney transplant on August 12, 2014. After working at SiriusXM for a little while, I decided to hitchhike around Iceland, nine months to the day after my transplant. Later in 2015 I went to the Women's World Cup Final in Vancouver, Canada, then took part in the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals. 
I lived in Cologne between July 2015-2016 during the program and I got a job at Deutsche Welle. I have been working there for a year now and I am enjoying it. I covered this year's World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain for a radio show, and took photos at the world's largest comic festival in Tokyo, Japan. I'm going back to Japan at Christmas to do some more work for Deutsche Welle.

Weimin Chen

 It has been a few years since I have been in contact and after many adventures around the world I can report that I am currently pursuing a masters degree in Global Studies under the Erasmus Mundus Programme. It is an international program with colleagues from all over the world. It reminds me much of my experience living at Language House. My first year was in Wroclaw, Poland (formerly Breslau when it was part of Germany) and in October I will continue my studies at Universität Leipzig where I plan to write my masters thesis on a topic related to study abroad.