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Messages from Chinese Cluster Alumni

Zane Buckey, who was in Chinese Cluster 2014 and Spanish Cluster 2012, was promoted to captain this summer.
After graduation in 2014, he worked as a high school Chinese teacher in Kentucky, after which he was hired as a pilot by a private airline called Surf Air in California. From 2017, he started to work at SkyWest Airlines (Delta Connection).
He still has ample opportunity to use both Chinese and Spanish and he even goes back to China and Mexico at least twice annually. (10-25-19)
Zane Buckey
(Chinese Cluster + Spanish Cluster, graduated 2014)

Alex spent the summer travelling, hanging with LH Alumnus Zane Buckey and Brodie Bond in Kentucky (pictured below), hiking and relaxing at the beach. He recently started as an International Projects Associate at WeatherBug by Earth Networks, a dynamic storm detection and meteorological data firm based in Gaithersburg. The job has Alex coordinating weather station and lightning sensor deployments to clients around the world. He continues to use Chinese in communication with clients and partners in Shanghai and Guangzhou. (11-13-15)


Alex Gilden
(Chinese Cluster, graduated 2015)


Christopher Li

(Chinese Cluster, graduated 2008)

Chris Li who started the Physical therapy program at the Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore at the end of Mary 2014 recently participated in a swimming event to support the Swim Across America (SLAA) Lab. The SAA organization provided the funding for the SAA Lab in 2010 at the John Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. They've received worldwide attention for developing a genomic-based test for ovarian and endometrial cancers, using fluid collected from routine pap tests. The new test, called PapGene, is undergoing further testing, but promises to pioneer the use of genomic-based screening tests. (11-13-15)


Racqueal Legerwood
(Chinese Cluster, SP.13)

Dear Dr. Liu,

It has been a while since I last wrote you. I had hoped you would receive this letter during the holiday season, but I soon realized you would be in Taiwan. So, I hope this letter finds you well, and that you have safely returned home.

It has been a huge growth process since moving to California. I successfully finished my Master of Public Policy program at UCLA in June 2016. You might be surprised to find out that I am currently working at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles as an editor and speech writer for our Director General Hsia. I am very happy to be working in such a wonderful environment, as I’m sure you know my Taiwanese co-workers and supervisors treat me very friendly and almost like family.

During graduate school I was very fortunate to be afforded the opportunities to remotely intern during through the Department of State’s VSFS program for the United States Embassy in Beijing, and physically intern during the summer at UN Women Headquarters in New York, where I did research on the impacts of Chinese foreign direct investment in Africa on women’s economic empowerment. I very much enjoyed my time there and it largely shifted my focus from political and diplomatic affairs to the humanitarian issues. I was also able to visit Japan this spring to assess reconstruction policy and efforts in Fukushima after the 2011 Great East Earthquake. It is my career goal to return to the UN to work more on humanitarian issues related to women and girls, so I hope connect with and do more international development and NGO-related work.

I have kept in touch with Jacklyn---visiting her in New York while I was interning – as well as Evelyn when she visited her sister in Pasadena, and Weimin, who has now frequently visits Los Angeles. I hope that you and your family are all doing well. I last remember that your mom had turned 90 years old, so I hope that she remains in good health. I have been thinking of your recently, so I wanted to take the time out to write you and thank you for all your dedication to the students of the Language House. Living at the Language House greatly impacted me, and gave me the safe space I was looking for to propel forward in a time of such uncertainty in my life. I am hoping to pick back up Tai Chi now that things have settled down after graduation and job hunting. You have always motivated and inspired me; and it is my goal to become as fierce and strong as you as I get older !

I will make great efforts to attend the 2017 Language House Gala, and want to make it a 2017 to be able to significantly donate to the Language House to pay it forward for future students like myself to get the life changing exposure so essential to becoming a well-rounded and thoughtful person. Hope to see you soon.

Have a Happy Chinese New Year!

Racqueal Legerwood