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Messages from Arabic Cluster Alumni


Dina Ibrahim
(Arabic Cluster, 
graduated 2012)

While completing my capstone year in Egypt, I accepted admittance for this Fall semester to Seton Hall School of Law. I actually applied and took the LSATs while I was in Egypt so I didn't have to delay my application. You can take the LSATs pretty much anywhere in the world. However, taking it in Egypt was definitely an interesting experience. I have not explored yet what type of law I would like to practice but I hope I can use my Arabic language skills in it. Having this language skill and my study abroad experience really sets me apart from other students and its been proven to be very marketable. The cultural knowledge I gained from studying abroad has also broadened my legal way of thinking in so many ways I didn't ever expect. (9-19-13)


Katelyn Gallagher
(Arabic Cluster, 
graduated 2010)

I'm doing great! I'm working at an organization in DC that monitors the World Bank and advocates for sustainable and just policies and projects. As part of the Middle East and North Africa team I am able to use Arabic every day and even do a bit of traveling! I'm loving the work and also just moved into the city. I had dinner last week with several of the Language House cohort. It was wonderful to catch up with them and reminisce on our Language House days! (9-5-12)