Winter: Maryland in Sevilla

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This program has been designed for students interested in learning about the Spanish culture and history prior, during, and after Spain was unified by Ferdinand and Isabella. It also includes a transatlantic connection after the Reconquista with the recently discovered New World, which lead to the establishment of the Spanish colonies. The program begins with a visit to Italica, one of the first Roman settlements in Spain, followed by readings and class discussions related to the political, cultural, and social changes in Spain during the period prior to its unification in 1492, the so called Convivencia. The program includes field visits to important landmarks in Seville. It also includes visits to cities, such as Córdoba, Granada and Cadiz. Each visit has been designed to enhance the academic experience as we visit key sites studied and discussed in the classroom. We will visit historic neighborhoods in Seville. Additionally, we will attend a Flamenco show. This program has been extremely successful for the past 10 years. Course requirements include: two reaction papers and one final research paper. This is a custom program which allows students to enhance their academic and cultural experience. All our students homestay with local families in Seville.


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