Ecuador: Andean Spaces - Traversing the Colonial City and the Natural World

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This winter, take a blended approach to learning about the history and cultures of Ecuador from the colonial period to the beginning of the 19th century. By studying the socio-spatial configuration of the colonial city as exemplified by Quito, you will be immersed in the arts, architecture, and other cultural legacies of Ecuador. Quito, a world heritage site, offers visually stunning churches, monasteries, and colonial squares, as well as a rich tradition of Baroque painting and sculptures, and vibrant indigenous and mestizo communities. You will also explore travel narratives that represent the natural Andean world while visiting Quito’s surrounding areas, including Riobamba and the Chimborazo volcano.

This program will analyze and question the European influence on urban design and representations of America. Understanding this colonial past, enhances the understanding of the Modern History of the Andean Region and Latin America as a whole. You will gain a full appreciation of the European and Indigenous living heritage that composes the Ecuador of Today.



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